VBT# Carmine - Alan Janney

Carmine (Carmine, #1)

Review: Carmine - Book #1 Carmine Series - Alan Janney - 2016

The synopsis of this book interested me when I saw that the main character had awoken in a dystopian world and had no memory of who she was and why she was the way she was. Carmine started off with a punch with Carmine waking up in an abandoned store in a world which she didn't recognise and as the story goes along, we discover that she has abilities which has changed her from the girl she was before. The story then goes along, as she wanders to safety trying to make sense of it all and somehow learns that she is powerful and not like the others - the infected. This causes her to become someone that others follow and look up to and eventually as she travels and more people follow her to safety she becomes a Queen - someone for them to look up to despite her never actually wanting the title. There is a boy called "The Outlaw" who is also infected but he is different also, he has been infected since birth and we learn that Katie Lopez aka Pre-Carmine used to date him and that he is one of the causes of why she is who she is now. I found it was around this time that for me the book started to slow down in pace and I found myself just plodding along with the book.  There were a few things that confused me about this book and being Book #1 , I was a little disappointed as the first book should be able to answer all the questions. However, in saying that if you are the type of reader who loves those strong female characters like Katniss with the balance of good and evil like Tris Prior and the Dystopian/Futuristic worlds that these books brings us then you will enjoy Carmine by Alan Janney.


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