Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Review: My Hope Next Door - Tammy L. Gray

My Hope Next Door

Review: My Hope Next Door - Tammy L. Gray - September 2016

Have you ever tried to run away from your past? Do you believe that it is possible for you to turn over new leaves? For Katie Stone, growing up she was a rebellious child and had a nasty mean streak. She was the type of girl that you never wanted to mess with and was the Queen B. After an incident which spiralled out of control and caused a huge backlash in her friendships. She realised that if she was ever going to move on with her life and become anyone, she had to do it far away from her hometown and start new where nobody knew her and her past. During this time, it was a bumpy ride for Katie, but she changed her appearance to going along to church. She felt fresh and believed that God had forgiven her for her past transgressions. Katie returns home, and it seems that her hometown hasn't changed much and her relationship with her mother is just as worst as she and Katie never saw eye to eye. During this time, Katie that she has changed? What will happen though when her old crowd discover she is back in town and wants to meet up for old times sake? Can Katie be strong and not give into temptation or will be in this small town lure her back to her old ways? My Hope Next Door was a good bmeets her neighbour Asher. The two of them went to the school together but ran in different circles. For the past few months, he too has been struggling with backlash from church members after a relationship fallout. Is he the encouragement that Katie needs to stay strong and prove ook, and though it touches a little bit on religion, it was a family saga type novel and shows readers the answer to the age-old question of whether people can change over time or are people just pretending to be someone else and hiding their true colours? One thing that is for certain is that you can never run away from your past, but to grow and prove you have changed you will have to confront it, and your actions will speak for your character and the person you are today.

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