Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Review: Silence - Natasha Preston

Silence (Silence, #1)

Review: Silence - Book #1 Silence Series - Natasha Preston - October 2012

As readers of The Phantom Paragrapher, you will know that I have a tendency to read series out of order. It is not something that I mean to happen, but it just seems to be that way. The only way it doesn't occur is if I force myself to read them in order but where's the fun in forced reading. Luckily, for me often the series don't necessarily have to be read in order like the Silence series by Natasha Preston. If you don't read them in order, you can still catch the drift. A few weeks ago, I read Book #3 in this series and enjoyed it. During the weekend, I decided since I had this series on my mind to go back and start at the beginning by reading Book #1. Book #1 is the lead-up to the trial. Book #1 takes us back to the beginning where we first meet best friends Cole and Oakley. Oakley has been silent since she was five, one day she woke up and decided it would be best for everyone if she stayed silent. She did stay silent for eleven years. Now at sixteen, Oakley is starting to develop romantic feelings for her best friend Cole and vice versa. Except, she isn't sure how to go about it as she doesn't want to come across the wrong way. For the past eleven years, Oakley has been hiding a dark secret, and if it came to light then a lot of people will be hurt, and those closest to her will have to live with the consequences forever. What will happen when it looks like old patterns are starting up again? Will Oakley be able to finally find her voice again and ask for help this time around? Will her friends and family support her or will they call her a liar?
Find out in Book #1 - Silence by Natasha Preston.

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