VBT# A Harmless Little Ruse - Meli Raine

A Harmless Little Ruse (Harmless, #2) 

Review: A Harmless Little Ruse - Book #2 Harmless Series - Meli Raine - November 2016

You know how as readers when we find a series that we love we want to keep on reading it but the authors often don't write fast enough unless you're someone like Alexa Riley? That's how I am about Meli Raine's new series Harmless. I have just finished last week Book #2 A Harmless Litte Ruse, and now I can't wait to read the third book. At the end of Book #1, we read as the relationship between Lindsay and Drew was becoming more complicated and that neither knew who they could trust. We readers, also discovered that Lindsay wasn't the only one hurt badly that night and that she isn't the only one who has suffered as pictures and video of Drew surfaces. In Book #2 the game is getting more deadly as someone wants Lindsay gone and will do everything in their power to make it seem like she is the one out of control. They won't stop at bringing her down, and they have upped the ante as Drew's torment and torture have gone viral. What will happen though when it turns out that the mysterious person in the Dark Net who has been helping Lindsay could also be her worst nightmare? A Harmless Little Ruse was just as awesome and suspenseful as book #1, maybe more so as this one ended on a major cliffhanger and readers are left wondering what Senator Bosworth's next gameplay will be and who is orchestrating the games and threats? Is it someone closer to home than anyone realizes? Find out more in Book #2 A Harmless Little Ruse by Meli Raine.


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