Review: Accidental Action Star - Emily Evans

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Accidental Action Star (Accidental #3)

Review: Accidental Action Star - Book #3 Accidental Series - Emily Evans - March 2014

All Hannah dreams of being is an artist and through a bit of talking her mum into putting in a good word for her, she has managed to get an unpaid internship with the art department at the film studio where her mum hosts her cooking show. Hannah's mum wants her to become the next big Chef and work with her, but Hannah doesn't want to be in front of the camera or be a chef.  In the art department, they are trying to get Max Stone to sign off for pictures for the new film. He keeps rejecting everything sent to him or taking forever to get back to them. They are at their wit's end and so the Art Director sends Hannah to his film set. Here she meets Max and they have some words and the film director sees their banter and chemistry sizzling. He loves it so much that he offers Hannah a spot for their movie straight away and soon becomes Hannah's life of juggling her Art Internship, Her mother's show and now a part in the action movie. While this is all happening, Max and Hannah are getting closer but Max has a rule where he doesn't do more than one date as he's not a relationship guy. However, Hannah is making Max feel like he should reconsider his rules? Is Hannah the girl to finally show Max what real YA love feels like? Find out in Accidental Action Star. I do enjoy the Accidental series, but this one would have to be my least favorite book of the series. I felt that I just didn't click as well with the characters in this book.


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