Sunday, June 16, 2019

Review : Allegedly - Tiffany D. Jackson


Review: Allegedly - Tiffany D. Jackson - January 2017

This book had been sitting on my kindle for a while, and I was in the mood for an edgier read. This was a compelling read and showed what someone would do for the family, even take the rap for murder. When Mary was nine years old, she and her mother were babysitting their neighbor's daughter, and the baby died. Mary was convicted and sentenced to prison life. Allegedly follows Mary's life through juvie to a female youth prison home. During her time, she has always stood by the fact that she didn't kill the child and that if she keeps her mouth shut, it will help her survive. During her time, she falls pregnant and now with her baby at risk of being taken away from her; she wants the truth after all these years to come out. Mary hires a lawyer who helps file motions and will begin a journey of unraveling the truth and facing her past, including parts that she has blanked out. Allegedly was quite a compelling and emotional read and also showed the aspects of racism between whites and blacks and the conviction rates.  This is the perfect read for fans of Angie Thomas's THUG and those who are in the mood for a White Vs. Black type novel.

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