Review: Dear Anna - Katie Blanchard

Dear Anna

Review: Dear Anna - Katie Blanchard - July 2019

Medeia Moore changed her whole life to be with her husband, she changed her clothes, her hair and cut off contact with her siblings to live a better life. All seemed to be going well until one day before her husband's birthday, she saw him with his secretary Anna. They were getting cozy after lunch. Medeia soon learns he is cheating on her with Anna. Over the next course of the novel, Medeia will try and plan an escape route so she is left with something. During this time, she also stalks Anna and discovers all about her life, her cheating and how she uses men for her own good. During this time Medeia makes a new friend with a woman who was in a similar situation. One night, Medeia follows Anna and her husband and learns of their plan to make her crazy and kill herself. From then something inside of Medeia snaps and she soon realizes that it's every person for themselves and unless she wants to end up six feet under or stuck in an institution for the rest of her life, she has to come up with a plan of her own. So starts the plan to kill Anna herself and frame her husband for it. Dear Anna, was a fast paced book and I loved the different character developments for all the female characters including the supporting ones of Medeia's friend and Anna's friend. If you love psychological thrillers and romantic suspense and enjoy the TV show How to Get Away with Murder then Dear Anna by Katie Blanchard is the book for you.


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