Review: Sexy Filthy Boss - Piper Rayne

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Sexy Filthy Boss (White Collar Brothers #1)

Review: Sexy Filthy Boss - Book #1 White Collar Brothers - Piper Rayne - June 2019
I keep wanting to call this series the White Collar Cousins which was the original series name as that is who I see them as. For those who have read the Blue Collar Brothers series, White Collar Brothers are their cousins. However unlike the Blue Collars who worked community orientated jobs. These Mancini's boys are RICH and pride themselves on being Bachelors. The first brother to star as a Sexy Filthy Boss is Enzo, whom we saw featured briefly in Luca's story when the whole family got together. Enzo is in the advertising industry and his boss is definitely still a man's man and in parts came across quite Chauvinistic. In a way, Enzo's character was a bit like that too and he reminded me of what I think Jagger was like before he found love and met his match. Enzo is the type of boss who goes through secretaries like they are only available as the flavor of the week and then they expire. That is until he borrows his co-worker's secretary Annie. She is fiery and knows her job and is definitely not a pushover as she doesn't believe in romance and relationships as she has seen her parents' relationship burnt. As the book goes along, Annie makes Enzo re-evaluate his life and the views he has towards woman as he has finally met his match in her. What happens though when their friendship and work relationships cross that line of an office romance and it starts to affect Enzo's work as he becomes nicer and his boss doesn't like the fact he is becoming in his words "a big softie". I have to admit, I did find this book a bit harder to read as I didn't like Enzo's cold and hotness as that is a turn-off in books for me. I really hate people who play games with emotions. I do have to admit I am looking forward to Carm's story as he sounded like a crack-up and fun brother of the three whereas Enzo was the arrogant one and Dom was the responsible one. Overall, another great first book in the White Collar Brothers series by Piper Rayne and I look forward to discovering the other brother's romance stories. 


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