Monday, June 17, 2019

Review: He's A Brute - Chloe Liese

He's a Brute (Tough Love, #1)

Review: He's a Brute - Book #1 Tough Love Series - Chloe Liese - May 2019

After injuring herself while playing Soccer, Nairne has decided to put her degree to use and help a health organization in solving their current dilemma. She was hired by the boss of the company, but when she starts and is challenged in a game of wits and battle of the sexes, she soon learns that the boss has passed away and passed the organization to her son Zed. Zed is a businessman by day, and on the side, a current Mafia Boss as his Dad abdicated his role which led Zed to pick up the pieces. Zed has always been a master of compartmentalizing his life, that is until Nairne arrives and she throws him off guard as she is not only sexy and sassy, but she is also sporty and smart. She is the whole package and too strong-willed, not letting her injury hinder her life. She knows her stuff and isn't going to be pushed aside like a floppy bimbo and will stand her ground to Zed. He likes this side as it appeals to his Dominance as Zed thrives on control. What will happen though when Zed wants Nairne for himself, but she isn't like the others and willing to roll over and submit ? Especially since her last relationship left her almost in tatters and she doesn't have an excellent judge of character when it comes to potential date mates. I enjoyed He's a Brute as it reminded me of Penny Reid's Hypothesis series where its Brains and Brawn meeting together. A theme I love in novels is when the characters have an academic background and are a tad awkward but not too awkward and that they always get the hot guy :) Geeks and Nerds are the new Sexy. Stay tuned as I am now looking forward to reading Book #2 She's a Spitfire based on Nairne's Parisian BFF who is just as fiery and knows what she wants and doesn’t want in life.

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