Review: The Accusation - Wendy James

The Accusation

Review: The Accusation - Wendy James - May 2019
I was in the mood for a mystery novel and came across The Accusation by Wendy James. This book I learned after reading the author's note was based on a case that took place in the 18th Century in the UK called The Canning Affair, which later was developed into a novel set in the post-war by Josephine Tey called The Franchise Affair.  Wendy James took both accounts and then added her twist to create The Accusation set in modern times in a small Australian town. The book starts with a young teacher who loves her work and wants to make a difference in the world, after her break-up and her mother's break. She moves with her mother to a small town and gets a job at the school. During this time, she meets her neighbors, including one who used to be a big-time TV Star and is now a Social Media and Agent for celebrities. After a failed relationship, Susannah - our main character also starts to form a relationship with her landlord, Chip. In the town, she also is befriended by Honor - our Celebrity Agent. Soon the community is rocked when a young teenaged girl is found wandering the rural backwoods with claims she was kidnapped and tortured. The young girl Ellie Canning at first can't recall anything but soon becomes a celebrity when Honor takes her under her wings and makes her into a TV star and inspirational model to all. As the story goes along, Ellie starts recalling things, and all the evidence points to newcomer Susannah. How can this be if Susannah has never met her in her life? Soon it will become the world against Susannah as Ellie's story, and the evidence becomes damning? Who is setting Susannah up and why? Will the real truth ever be revealed or by the time it does - what will be left of Susannah's reputation and life? Find out in this Australian hit - The Accusation by Wendy James.


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