Sunday, June 16, 2019

Review: Sleeping Beauty : Back to Reality - Jenni James

Sleeping Beauty: Back to Reality (Modern Fairy Tales #2)

Review: Sleeping Beauty: Back to Reality - Book #2 Modern Fairy Tales - Jenni James - March 2017

One of my favorite tropes is renditions of fairytales, and Jenni James is one of my favorite authors as I first discovered her via her Austen tales. Sleeping Beauty: Back to Reality takes us into the life of Aurora Wellington, who has been in a coma for over a year.  Lying in a hospital bed, she is awoken by a kiss. The thing is though that she has no idea who the kisser is; she doesn't recognize him at all. Does she have a boyfriend? How can this be when she has never been kissed before to her knowledge? We learn that Aurora was in a car crash and has amnesia for a few months leading up to the accident. This means she doesn't remember Philip - the guy who kissed her.  He has been visiting her every day for a year as he feels responsible for her accident.  Sleeping Beauty: Back to Reality is about Aurora's journey back to life and finding herself and eventually ending up with the guy of her dreams.
Sleeping Beauty: Back to Reality was a fun fairytale rendition and perfect for teens aged 13+

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