Review: Donut Hole - Regina Frame

Donut Hole

Review: Donut Hole - Regina Frame - June 2018
Growing up Harper was best friends with Sutton, the two were inseparable and it made sense that one day the pair would marry and have a family. Of course, though, life doesn't always go to plan as Sutton went off to become a big famous Rockstar with females galore chucking themselves at him and living the rich and famous lifestyle, while Harper went on to own her own Donut shop called Donut Hole along with her best friend. When Half Price, the band comes into town, Harper's best friend who is obsessed with them jumps at the chance for the pair to go along to their concert and meet the band. Little does she know, Harper's background with Sutton. Once the pair see each other again, all those memories of past life and what if's come flashing back and with secrets and baggage Harper isn't sure she can take another heartbreak from Sutton as the first time was bad enough. Can the pair have a second chance romance? Has life given them another chance at finally getting their sweet HEA? Find out in this cutesy novella Donut Hole which is part of the National Donut Day Collaboration series.


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