Review : Bad, Bad Bluebloods - CM Stunich

Bad, Bad Bluebloods

Review: Bad , Bad Bluebloods - Book #2 Rich Boys of Burberry Prep - CM Stunich - April 2019
Marnye is back and this year with a vengeance as the bullies left her broken at the end of the school year. This year, she has had all of the summer to plan her revenge as she is not giving up on her chance at a fantastic education especially after learning about her dad's illness and she doesn't want to go and live with her mother and her new family. Armed with the whole Summer to think about her new school year, she has made a list, and if you are on it, then you better be careful and alert as Marnye is coming for you and this time there is no such thing as backing down. She is ready for anything that is thrown her way and looks like she has a few friends on her side including newcomer Prince Windsor Yorke from England whom is wealthier than anyone in the school and he has his eyes set on Marnye and taking down bullies. I loved this book in particular as Marnye got her revenge on the boys, and that ending was classic. The only thing I am hoping for in the next book is that Marnye will get her revenge on Harper and her girl posse as I hate those plastics. They infuriated me as it's like bow down Harper, looks like you are being knocked off your royal throne. I also liked how we got more of an inside glimpse into the boy's families and how rudeness and arrogance breeds.  If you love bully romances, as I do at the moment, this is one series you do not want to miss getting your hands on. Though I have to add as I have seen some nasty reviews about this book citing problems - Hello, People this book is FICTION, which means it's fake and anything can happen. On a personal side note, I think I relate more to bully romances as I too like Marnye managed to win a scholarship to a wealthy school for three years and I was the “poor girl in a rich man’s world” and was bullied, not physically like this but more verbally and mentally by students and teachers sadly.


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