Review: Boys that Tease - Betti Rosewood

Boys That Tease (Lords of Wildwood, #1)

Review: Boys that Tease - Book #1 Lords of Wildwood Series - Betti Rosewood - May 2019
Lately, there has been an influx of bully romances, and I have loved them. They have now been added to my favorite tropes list. Boys that Tease starts in a TV studio where we have actors Crispin and actresses Tinsley and Estella. This is the beginning of what we see as a love triangle. Crispin has always loved Tinsley and Estella gives Crispin the advice that if he is a jerk, then she will love him back. Of course, it backfires as hello, we aren't in kindergarten anymore. Years later, Tinsley and Crispin have fallen out due to a scandal that worldwide and ruined both of their families. Now Tinsley is about to start her high school years at the exclusive Wildwood Academy. Both Estella and Crispin attend, and Crispin is part of a clique called the "Lords of Wildwood," and Estella is the "It Girl." Crispin hates Tinsley and has planned to ruin her.
On the other hand, as he starts to spend more time with her again, those old feelings start to flare up, and the pair find themselves falling for one another but Estella who has always been jealous of the two of them, will do everything she can to keep the couple apart. I did like the introduction of Tinsley's friend Andromeda and the story of Pandora, who is missing. I did hope we would find out more about this storyline, and another favorite part was the "Lords of Wildwood" IM chats and the mysterious Ghost aka Blackmailer. I am now looking forward to reading Book #2 when it's released.


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