Review: Parallel - Elizabeth O'Roark


Review: Parallel - Book #1 Parallel Series - Elizabeth O'Roark - June 2019
All her life, Quinn has had dreams of a romance with a person named Nick. It is like she has lived another life. When she was younger, her mum put it down to an imaginary friend, but as she got older, it became more constant, and eventually, Quinn was sent to therapy for her strange behavior. Nobody could explain to her what was going on. As the years went by, Quinn decided to suck up and keep her dreams to herself as she didn't want people to think she was weird. Now years later, Quinn is engaged and preparing for her wedding when she gets a sudden hint of Deja Vu. However, this time, it is powerful and knocks her out. When she awakes the name she calls is Nick. Of course, that's not her fiance's name. They end up taking Quinn to the hospital where she is seen by a Dr. Nick Reilly,  to Quinn's amazement this is the guy from her dreams - her world she finds is her true self, and Nick discovers this is the girl he has dreamed about for years. As the book goes on, we learn a bit about time traveling which reminded me of The Time Traveller's Wife and JJ McAvoy’s Malachi and I. I have to admit I hated the back and forth that went on with their respective partners, especially Quinn's fiance - it's like hurry up Quinn and dump him, he's not right for you. Soon Quinn will find out more about the truth of her parallel universes and time traveling and that the reason she and Nick keep missing each other is that somebody doesn't want them to be happy. Who in Quinn's life is keeping them apart and can they figure it out before this current life of Quinn's is cut short? Find out in this fantastic read Parallel and stay tuned for Book #2 Intersect coming in late June as Parallel does end in a major cliffhanger.


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