Sunday, June 23, 2019

Review: Impetuous - Mercedes Jade

Impetuous (Victory Lap Book 1)

Review: Impetuous - Book #1 Victory Lap Series - Mercedes Jade - May 2019
Lately, I've been reading a lot of bullymance type stories that feature RH in them. Impetuous by Mercedes Jade is a bit different. This book features Tess Sinclair who has moved back home from her private alternative school to take care of her twin siblings whom she hasn't seen in a few years. As soon as Tess was old enough, she moved to the school and never looked back as her home life wasn't that great with a mother who has mental health issues and a father who was a dirty cop and abusive husband. At the start of the book, Tess receives a phone call saying her mother has been admitted to the psych ward and had a major mental breakdown and Tess is needed to come home and look after her family. She transfers to the school and meets a group of Hot guys, they should be the kings of the school as they are rich, sexy and mysterious but due to their own issues and a pact they made together - the boys have become the outcasts of the school and the ones bullied. All of them want Tess and soon she will become the Queen of the Outcasts table. With her new friends help, Tess will slowly introduce them to her mother but also try and solve the mystery of what made her mother snap and hopefully get her mother home to her siblings where she belongs. Tess has always been fiercely independent, but now she must open herself and let down her walls and let her new friends help in order to save her family and survive the consequences that her father brings to their door? Find out in Impetuous by Mercedes Jade. I have to admit though I enjoyed this book, it was a very slow read for me and I had to push myself to finish it which I am glad as I did as it was an OMG second half of the book as Tess started to unravel her mother's chicken scratch clues. I am now looking forward to reading Book #2 of the Victory Lap series by Mercedes Jade.

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