Monday, June 24, 2019

Review: Reggie and Me Compilation - Archie Comics Presents

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Reggie and Me (Archie Comics Presents)

Review: Reggie and Me - Archie Comics Presents - February 2019

With the popularity of the TV show Riverdale, Archie Comics decided to bring back some old classic favorites as compilations. In the original Archie comics, Reggie Mantle was a troublemaker and loved to play pranks on Archie whenever he could. Reggie was also always trying to vie for Veronica's attention - a bit like on the current show. In later series, Reggie was redesigned as a nice guy but in the series of comic strips in Reggie and Me, we can see his true colors and original character coming through as no matter what the situation is - he always tries to one-up Archie Andrews. I have to say one of my favourite things about reading this novel was reconnecting with the OG Archie Andrews , who was your genuine nice guy and everyone's friend as in the later seasons of the TV show they changed Archie's character into a hardened cynic which shed the persona that we all grew up loving of the nice guy next door.  Reading this in bed was fun this morning as it brought back childhood memories as I first discovered the Archie comics in the second-hand bookshops and Op Shops when I was 8-10 years old and of course, in two weeks I will be 32 years old, so a few moons ago now.

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