Review: Try to Ruin Me - G. Bailey

Try To Ruin Me: A Reverse Harem Bully Romance

Review: Try to Ruin Me - G. Bailey - April 2019

The new trope that seems to have hit the market the past few months and months to come is RH -Reverse Harem and Bully Romances aka Bullymance. I am loving this theme and they have been added to my favorite trope list. This book starts off with Trixy Ansley who is best friends with David Hallow. The Hallows are the "rich boys" of the neighborhood and are used to getting what they want. That is until one night,  the same day David finds out he is about to be a father, he shows his true colors to Trixy and she leaves with the pregnant girlfriend. The next morning, the pair learn that David is dead and is blaming Trixy. Needing a new plan Trixy and her new friend head to the UK and stay with Trixy's Aunt. They find a new rhythm and with a plan to move forward, Trixy heads to university their while her friend who now has a baby Noah works in Trixy's aunt's bakery. When Trixy arrives, she hears rumors of three American football legends starting at the university. Turns out that it is the Three G's aka The Hallow Triplets and they have followed Trixy here as they have been busy planning their revenge on Trixy for killing their brother. Of course, they don't know the full side of the story and they concoct a plan to make Trixy fall in love with them and then ruin her. Of course, with fake relationships as we all know by reading books - the lines start to blur and once the boys follow through with their revenge plan and Trixy is ruined. They start to feel "actual feelings" for Trixy and want her back. This is where they find out the truth about that night and now will do anything to win Trixy back as all three brothers have fallen head over heels for her and are not leaving the UK without her.


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