Review: Lumberjanes Volume #11 - Time After Crime

Lumberjanes, Vol. 11: Time After Crime

Review: Time After Crime - Volume #11 Lumberjanes Graphic Novel - Shannon Watters - April 2019

We learned in the last Lumberjanes novel that Molly and her parents didn't see eye to eye and that she was afraid to invite them to Parent's Day as the camp wasn't what they assumed. They thought they were sending Molly to a camp for young ladies - a bit like Finishing School. Of course, they got a shock as they arrived late to Parent's Day and discovered a different sort of camp. Now that Summer is heading to an end and soon it will be time for the Lumberjanes to head back to their real lives. In Time After Crime, Jo our resident scientist has been busy creating an invention to measure time as they have noticed some strange oddities happening and in parts, time seems to move slower. One evening, Molly hears a wee voice telling her how to slow down time, as Molly doesn't want camp to end - she does what the voice tells her. However, the consequence for slowing down time is about to cause a whole lot of mayhem for the camp as stranger than usual things start occurring like Ripley becoming a giant and their camp leader Jen - a little girl and Rosie - ages to a really old woman. Can Jo and the rest of the Lumberjanes save the camp and turn back time.  Find out in Volume #11 of the Lumberjanes Graphic Novels and stay tuned for more fun Lumberjane adventures.


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