Review: Killer's Diary - Brian Pinkerton

Killer's Diary

Review: Killer's Diary - Brian Pinkerton - July 2013
Lately, I have been trying to clear older books off my kindle and was in the mood for a mystery novel to break up the romance books I had been reading recently. Killer's Diary was a 2013 read and in it, we meet an awkward and shy girl named Ellen. In a way, Ellen reminded me a bit of myself as she is bookish and lives a quiet life and finds it hard to make friends. One day, she is in the coffee shop and finds a notebook. Once she gets home, she opens it hoping to find out who the owner is but she starts reading it and soon Ellen finds herself not only immersed into the notebook but also finding it like a common soulmate as she too had a horrible childhood. Whilst Ellen is reading this book, there is a serial killer targeting woman in Chicago.  As the notebook goes along though, Ellen starts to read into similarities between the diary's owner and the serial killer and wonders if they are the same person. What will happen though when Ellen finds the owner and starts to fall in love? Is Ellen falling head over heels for a serial killer and if she's not careful will Ellen be reported as the next victim? Find out in the Killer's Diary by Brian Pinkerton.


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