Review: Courted - Jennifer Chance

Courted (Gowns & Crowns, #1)

Review: Courted - Book #1 Gowns and Crowns Series - Jennifer Chance - October 2015
Emmaline or Emma to her close friends is headed on a much-needed vacation with her close group of girlfriends to a small European country of Garronia. A while ago Emma had to give up her dream of pursuing her classical music as her parents had an accident, and her mum was left for the worst and is no longer the brilliant professor she was. Out at the beach with her friends, Emma decides to go swimming and usually a confident swimmer is pulled under by a rip as she is not used to their strong currents. Running along the beach was our male lead Christos - he spots Emma and dives in and saves her. This whole event was snapped up by the paparazzi as Christos is hiding a secret. He isn't just an ordinary bystander - he is a Prince, and he is heir to the throne as his older brother recently passed. Christos, however, doesn't want the responsibility and would instead be serving the country in other ways. For Emma and her friends, though they are about to be swept up in a world of the rich and famous as now that the paparazzi have discovered their names and even more so that they are Americans and Emma has captured the Prince's attention - they aren't in the mood to back off right this instant. When the fairytale romance is due to end and Emma is to head back home, is she ready to say goodbye to this fantasy to face the reality of her parent's or is this to become her new reality? 
Find out in this cutesy YA/NA case of a true Cinderella Story Romance, one of my favorite tropes.



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