Review: Game On - The Ballers of Rockport High - E.M Moore

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Game On (The Ballers of Rockport High, #1)

Review: Game On - Book #1 The Ballers of Rockport High - E.M Moore - June 2019

Tessa has grown up in the shadow of her NBA superstar father and he has been training her since she could walk. Her old private school had a female basketball team, but when her parents announced their divorce and her father stopped his donation to the school, the team was cut.  Now the only way for Tessa to ever be noticed and be able to play professional ball is to play for the Ballers of Rockport High. The thing is though they have never had a female on their team and due to being a public school, they have to allow her a fair shot. This is bound to ruffle more than a few feathers as the guys on this team are not only the king of the school but Tessa knows them from Basketball camp and has some not-so-good memories with them. The other thing too is that there is already someone on the team in her position and there can only be one which means she must fight for her role on the team and the boys aren't going to roll over and let her onto the team. They will make her work harder than any of the others in the hazing and even go so far to make her fall in love with them, only to ruin her. Unlike a lot of the other bully novels, this one gets a bit more personal as her father features quite a bit as he is the "star of the basketball community" and they use her father against her often throughout the book. This book does end on a cliffhanger and I didn't mind Ryder and a few of the others on the team but Linc whom plays the same position and the most to lose if she gets on the team - I hated him with a passion as he was pure evil and bully material as was his little brother when Linc got him to join in on the bullying whereas the others do have little rays of goodness shining through. I am now looking forward to reading Book #2 and hope that Tessa puts the guys in their places and comes out on top.


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