Review: Sinners - Cassie James

Sinners (Pawns of Patience, #1)

Review: Sinners - Book #1 Pawns of Patience Series - Cassie James - June 2019
Juliet has been busy trying to survive the rough life she has been given with two parents who don't care about her and would rather find their next fix, than give her food on the table. She has a plan of escape though and is busy saving up her money from her diner job. That is until one day the police walk in and give her some shocking news, her parents have been killed but the more shocking news was they weren't her "real parents". Her real parents were rich and wealthy and lived in the town of Patience. When Juliet was a baby, she was kidnapped. Juliet is now picked up by her aunt and taken the town of Patience where she learns that she is the long-lost heir of her families fortune. The town though isn't happy about her arrival as for years, there has been an unwritten treasure hunt for her grandfather's fortune and now that the rightful heir has arrived in town- it's no longer open for the grabs. The thing is though Juliet doesn't want the fame and money, she is happy surviving.  Now with four boys wanting to drive her out of town, will she use her strength from her old life to show she isn't going anywhere or will their revenge tactics and their charms which leads her running back to the wrong side of the tracks.
Find out in Book #1 in the Pawns of Patience Series by Cassie James, and yes, this book does end in a cliffhanger.  I had personally hoped that at least one of her parents were still alive as that would have been a reunion twist or maybe even an older sibling which would have strengthened and added something different to the RH/ Bullymance storyline.


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