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Review: Falling into Place - Amy Zhang

Falling into Place

Review: Falling Into Place - Amy Zhang - September 2014

One of my favorite subjects to read in books is the edgy topic of YA suicide. Falling Into Place wrote this topic amazing that it wasn't sad and, to be honest, it wasn't overdone. The book tells us the story of Liz Emmerson who seemed to have a perfect life but deep down it was anything but perfect. Even her friend's lives have fallen apart with one having an abortion and the other becoming reliant on drugs. In Liz's mind, they will all be better off without her. The thing though that Liz didn't take into account was Liam - the boy who from afar has always loved Liz. Liam was the one to see the crash and called 911 and so Liz was taken to hospital. Though Liz doesn't want to fight anymore. I liked the way that this author wrote this book as everything just felt like it should have. The book jumps to various POVs"s and also moments in time Pre-accident and Post-accident.  If you love teen books like 13 Reasons Why and Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver, then you will love Falling Into Place as though the topic is hard and touchy. Everything about this book just felt right, it's hard to put into words but it is a book that will leave you with a sense of peace despite the heaviness of the story.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3chpp4f

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