Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Review: Ms. Marvel : Volume #3 - Crushed

Love is in the air with Ms. Marvel Voulme #3 as Valentine's day is approaching fast and Kamala Khan is hoping for a quiet time as she has just gotten rid of the Inventor who was harvesting and putting into slavery the teens from around Kamala's neighborhoodIn Crushed, Kamala has a few admirers as her best friend is secretly in love with Kamala and would do anything for her. We also learn that a guy her family approves of is also a mutant except we learn he is fighting on the opposite of Kamala and they want her to join them and will stop at nothing to get her to turn to the dark side. Also in Crushed, we read the introduction of Loki and read as he causes Mayhem in Kamala's part of the world.  I have to admit; overall I was a little disappointed with Crushed as I felt that the storyline and plot fell flat compared to the previous two volumes which were a bit more action-packed. I am looking however forward to seeing how the writers develop Ms. Marvel in future comics.

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