Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Review: Wrong - Jana Aston

As readers know, I often have books sitting on my Kindle/Ipad for months and even years as I see them and I get them when they are released, and then more new ones appear and they get forgotten about until something sparks inside of me and I am like I want to read that now. With the release of Fling, I decided it was about high time that I read Wrong by Jana Aston, and I was so wrong about waiting to read it as it was AMAZING.  Every now and again you get a book that you just find yourself feeling at home with, and you can't put it down. That's how I felt about Wrong by Jana Aston.  For weeks Sophie has been serving a handsome guy at the coffee shop "Grind Me" where she works, she has fantasized about him and has developed a crush on him. Her friend Evelyn tells her she needs to get laid which leads her to her local Student Clinic - at the Uni campus. During this visit, Sophie goes to visit the gynecologist to make sure everything is up to scratch. It turns out that her Dr.Milller happens to be none other than Luke - her coffee shop crush. Talk about embarrassing moments, especially when he manages to give her an orgasm at the exam as well. What happens next of course we can all guess is that passions spark between the two and the sizzling chemistry appears and Luke and Sophie start a relationship.  Will the relationship be successful especially since there is quite an age gap between Sophie and Luke? What happens when their sleeping together takes a turn and a decision that will affect both of their futures needs to be made? Will this bring them closer and Sophie's fantasy become a reality or will she be revealed Luke's true colors? If you are on the lookout for a Romance/ Romantic Comedy/ New Adult and one that you will want to your best reads list, then check out Book #1 Wrong in Jana Aston's series Wrong today.

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