Saturday, November 5, 2016

VBT# Rumor Has It - Magan Vernon

Growing up Brooke Carrington and Eddie Jared were the best of friends as was their parents. Eddie didn't have many friends being a bit of an outcast, but it was alright as him, and Brooke were two peas in a pod, and everyone thought they would be destined to end up together. Though life and dreams never go exactly to plan as Eddie was blessed with an amazing voice and when they old enough Brooke took Eddie to a singing audition which he was picked up by a record company, and soon he became Eddie Justice.  Whereas Brooke Carrington went on to become a famous author, though her books were considered formulaic fiction as she pumped out whatever was popular at the time from Stepbrothers to Rock Stars. Life hasn't been going too great for Brooke and then she’s called home as her Dad has passed away. As her life takes a turn, she realizes that it is home where she is meant to be. During this time, Eddie is finding the life of fame and fortune is getting to him, and he too returns home. Neither he or Brooke have spoken to each other in about ten years. However, despite not chatting for that long the undeniable chemistry is still there and who knows it might be fate pushing the pair back together by putting them both in the same place at the same time.  Is this the second chance happiness that only happens in books? Has life given them another go at true love? What will happen though when Brooke finally gets the guts to write out her true love story, only to have Eddie feel betrayed - will she lose him once again and are they destined to be the fairytale romance that is always doomed never to work? Or will this be the wake-up call that they both need to re-evaluate their life's works and their priorities ?. Overall, I loved Rumor has it as it had my favorite things from Second Chance romances, the country feel musicians and authors not to mention friends to lovers storyline.
If this sounds like something you would enjoy then check out it Rumor Has It by Magan Vernon, a second chance romance which will leave readers swooning with happiness and gushy-filled emotions.

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