Friday, November 4, 2016

VBT# Vigilante Mine - Cera Daniels

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Vigilante Mine (Relek City #1)

Review: Vigilante Mine - Book #1 Relek City - Cera Daniels - October 2016

As readers will know or possibly not know, I have a thing for Superheroes, and so when I saw the word Vigilante in the title, I assumed that it might have a rogue superhero on the loose.  Vigilante Mine tells the story of a Detective Amanda who was shot and on the trail for revenge, she has her mind that the same guy who shot her is the one and same person who has been terrorizing and killing the corrupt businessman around the city.  What she doesn't realize though is that her boyfriend Ryan, in fact, has an alter-ego, a secret identity as Klepto who is the vigilante at large. Can Ryan along with his telepathic German shepherd who reminded me of Salem from the Sabrina the Teenage Witch series hunt down the killer who shot Amanda and discover who is trying to frame him before Amanda discovers that Klepto and Ryan are the same people? Vigilante Mine was a good read, and anyone who loves Superhero flicks and comics will find the storyline enjoyable as it outlines most superhero films and the dilemma of the "Should I or Shouldn't I reveal Myself to the ones I love"? The only downside for me was that I found the overall story of Vigilante mine to be a bit slow for my liking and the plot was quite busy with a lot of excess stuff happening in the background. Overall, however, Vigilante mine is a story about finding a killer, romance, and unlocking the truth and unmasking the hero. Fans of the Superhero world will love Cera Daniel's new series Relek City starting with Book #1 Vigilante Mine.



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