Saturday, November 5, 2016

VBT# Written in Scars - Adriana Locke

Are second chance romances your cup of tea? Do you love those books that will pull at your heartstrings and possibly have the ability to make you ugly cry? Written in the Scars by Adriana Locke is one of those reads. The book starts off with best friends and eventually lovers Elin and Tyler having the romance of a lifetime and getting married. Then something bad happened, so bad that it chucked their lives off the axis and flipped everything upside down and pulled apart at the seams. Their happiness was gone, the good memories are thrown away, the pair stopped knowing how to love one another as they drifted further and further apart. Until one day it got so bad, that Tyler disappeared and Elin was left to pick up the broken pieces of her life. Some time later, Tyler arrives back in town and wants to work at putting together back their little family unit. Can Elin forgive Tyler though for walking out and will the time apart help their relationship build stronger or will it tear them further apart? The only downside I had for me is I am a fast-paced reader, and I found the pace of Written in the Scars to be a bit slow for my liking. Overall, Written in the Scars was a  well-written story with a great plot and great characters. I enjoyed this story and while it might be a work of fiction its gives you a little insight into love and relationships. How sometimes you have to fight for love as often people can walk away at the simplest issue these days. This world's generation has forgotten what it is like to fight for their loved ones as they tend to take the easy route of divorce or cheating rather than facing the problems head on and overcoming them together.

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