Review: All the Pretty Faces - Rita Herron

All the Pretty Faces (Graveyard Falls, #2)

Review: All the Pretty Faces - Book #2 Graveyard Falls Series - Rita Herron - March 2016

For those who have read the first book All the Pretty Brides, will recall that Josie DuKane ended up as the last potential victim but managed to escape from Billy Linder. She was also at the time a budding writer who had come to write about The Thorn Killer murders that happened thirty years ago. In doing so, secrets were unraveled, and the actual killer was found out along with a new copycat killer. Now the book is being made into a movie set right in the heart of Graveyard Falls, and again people aren't happy that the movie will be sensationalizing their loss of loved ones.  What will happen though when it looks like a new serial killer is in town killing those who are here to try out for the movie? For one of the deputies Dane Hamrick, the MO hits a little close to home as ten years ago his sister Betsy was murdered in the same fashion as the girls are today in Graveyard Falls. Is it the same killer or a copycat? Can Dane along with Josie's help solve not only the murders that are happening currently in Graveyard Falls and stop more actresses from dying but will he be able to put Betsy's cold case to rest and give his family some closure? I have to admit that this particular one was a lot slower than Book #1 and harder to get into as parts of the story seemed to drag, and I felt like the author had tried too hard with all the various suspects and multiple storylines that though they all threaded together, in parts seemed too much for the one story. Overall, however, All the Pretty Faces by Rita Herron was another good small town mystery and perfect for those fans of Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh.


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