Review: Frisk Me Officer - Sylvia Fox


Review: Frisk Me Officer - Sylvia Fox - November 2016

You know how there are certain authors that you know what to expect off the bat when you pick up one of their books to read. Sylvia Fox is one of those authors. You know that you are in for a sexy read and one which is an older man/ younger woman story as well and that the older guy is going to be one of your parent's best friends. Also the fact that the younger woman will be a virgin as she was holding out for her dream man - who of course is the older man in the story. In Frisk Me Officer, we have Becca who has been away studying law and is back home for the winter break. Her parents are away, so she has everything she needs for a quiet time away. That is until she reads the local paper about a string of robberies happening on her street. Then she hears a crash, smash, bang. Scared she calls the local sheriff - Wyatt. He is the one she wants and always wanted. One thing leads to another, and the pair, of course, has wild ravaging sex. What happens though when her parents find out? Even so, when they find out that she is carrying something of Wyatt's? If you are in the mood for a smutty read that doesn't require a lot of brain activity and doesn't mind reading the Older Man/Younger Woman romances, then check out Frisk Me Officer by Sylvia Fox today.


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