Review: Greener - Erin Lee

Greener: Escape From Reality Series, Book 3

Review: Greener - Book #3 Escape from Reality Series - Erin Lee - July 2017

One of the seven deadly sins is Envy, and we all have at one time, or another suffered from that green-eyed monster called Jealousy. We have also looked at people and thought I wish I had what they had as their grass looks greener and much better than my life. Of course, though we can never know what goes on behind closed doors. This book focuses on three people from different walks of life who meet in one particular place. The Escape Memorial Hospital on the fourth floor where the Mental Health ward is. The first person we meet is Caroline who has been in the ward since she was thirteen and is now in her mid-late twenties and can be rehabilitated into society. She is envious of her psychologist Nora's life and has a vision of Nora's perfect life in her head. The thing though is that Nora who is the second person we meet is not perfect at all and is good at hiding behind her psychologist professional facade as she lives in the ward. She has made the Janitor's closet her makeshift bedroom and is afraid to leave the hospital. The third is Dennis who works at the hospital as a Janitor. He is handsome, friendly and gay. Though nobody knows it and he also hasn't been back home in years as his father didn't accept him for who he was. He came to Escape to well escape from his life back home. His secret is that he isn't a bad driver, but everyone thinks he is as he keeps damaging his car. The truth is that he has a major crush on the mechanic who btw is straight- Deacon.   Greener was a different book than I was expecting as I am a big fan of Erin Lee and enjoy her edginess and her way of touching mental health and looking at different psychological issues.



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