Review: Privileged - Carrie Aarons


Review: Privileged - Carrie Aarons - July 2017

Nora Randolph was happy with her mom living in their small American town minding their own business until her mother meets Bennett and soon Nora and her mother Rachel are whisked off to London and into the world of the Wealthy, and the Paparazzi as Nora's new step-dad to be is considered British Royalty. He is a Duke, and soon she will become a Princess and her mother, a Duchess. With this, it means that Nora had to start a new school, one where she feels she doesn't fit in despite her new status. At the school, she meets Asher Frederick. He is the leader of a group of Elites and seems hot/cold near Nora. As the book goes along, we watch as Asher tries to win over and seduce Nora as commanded by his father in a ploy to take down Bennett and expose him for the Murderer he is. The thing is though as he soon realizes he will be in for a challenge with Nora as she's not the type to fall at his feet and not the shallow gold-digger, he assumed she and her mother are. What will happen though when Nora does start to fall in love with Asher and his plan he carried out, and Nora and her mother feel betrayed? Will Nora forgive Asher when he tries to make it right or has the damage been done and not able to be fixed?  Find out in this YA/ NA crossover Privileged - a look into the world of the Wealthy, Revenge and having your life in the public eye.

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