Review: What About Her - Emma Tharp

What About Her (The Bluff Harbor Series Book 1)

Review: What About Her - Book #1 Bluff Harbor Series - March 2017

Six months ago Kate's best friend Willow went out for a run and never came home. She just vanished and disappeared off the face of the earth.  Everyone thinks that Willow is dead, but Kate knows that she can't be and that something isn't right with the whole situation. They all want her to move on including River who was their best friend and Willow's boyfriend. Why won't anyone listen to her and check into Willow's story? During What About Her, we read as River and Kate have an up and down relationship, and eventually the pair start to get on and become something more than friends. However, River's mom's not happy about this situation and threatens Kate, is this what happened to Willow? One night, Kate finds a love note in Willow's bedroom signed by "K." Was Willow secretly dating Kyle? Kate stops by Kyle's house to talk to his brother and finds out that one of Kyle's escapades ended up pregnant but not sure who? Is this why Willow disappeared? What About Her by Emma Tharp ended in a major cliffhanger as just as Kate and River's romantic relationship takes a big leap, the phone rings with information about Willow? Is she still alive or does someone want to mess with Kate and River's minds? Find out in Book #1 What About Her. After reading this book, I went and added Book #2 to my Amazon wishlist as it gets released in August 2017.


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