Review: The Start-Up - Sadie Hayes

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The Start-Up (The Start-Up, #1)The Social Code (The Start-Up, #1)

Review: The Start-Up aka The Social Code - Book #1 The Start-Up Series - Sadie Hayes - October 2011

This series has now been re-released with different titles and updated covers but is a series I have had on my Kindle since 2012. I have decided to go back to my Kindle and read some of my older books and the Start-Up by Sadie Hayes looked interesting. This book is also a quick read and made me wonder if it was originally intended to be like a serial rather than series. In the Start-Up, we meet foster twins Adam and Amelia Dory, yes like the fish on Finding Nemo. Currently, they are both on scholarship funds at Stanford. Amelia is a whizz and looks like she will be one of the next big things like Mark Zuckerberg. The thing is though she is being exploited and brought. What will happen though when she after hours activities cause a massive $3.8 million dollar deal to fall through? Then, as a result, her and Adam's scholarships are rebuked, especially since this is all they have? Has Amelia rubbed the wrong people up the worst way possible with her skills? What will happen when she has an opportunity to save her and Adam from being on the streets? One of the personal things I found funny about this book was that one of the IT guys is called Amit and that's the name of one of our IT guys at work. The Start-Up ended on a massive cliffhanger as it looks like someone from Adam and Amelia's past has found them and it's not good news for the pair. This series is perfect for anyone interested in the Start-Up world with venture capitalism, and of course, this series is set right in the heart of Silicon Valley. I am now looking forward to continuing the next two books in this series and seeing where it could lead.



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