Sunday, July 23, 2017

Review: Primary Flip - Sara Celi

After being humiliated and looking like the other woman heiress, Kathryn Van Der Loon is on the outs of the world after her fake breakup with Senator Patrick Blanco. Needing an in back into the world of Politics. She learns that an old school classmate of hers Landon Marsh is running for an Ohio Senate. She sees this as a way not only to get back at Patrick but also get herself back into the world of what she loves. During the election, though she finds herself rooting for Landon and falling in love with him. Can she prove to Landon that she loves him and not just helping him to win against Patrick and making Patrick look bad? What will happen though when Landon starts to slip in the polls, and Kathryn pulls out some evidence which will paint Patrick in a dirty light? Evidence that will make Landon win? Will Landon appreciate it or will he see it as a betrayal as he didn't want to ever win in politics -the dirty way by belittling his component and in doing so lowering his ethics and standards? Can Kathryn prove her love to Landon or has her last move on the political chessboard ended her chances of ever finding true love? Find out in Book #2 Vote for Love series by Sara Celi - Primary Flip. A fun read for all those fans of romance and political fiction.

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