Review: Her Name was Sam - Erin Lee

Her Name Was Sam

Review: Her Name was Sam - Erin Lee - August 2016 

Every now and again you find an author that isn't afraid to touch on the edgy topics of life, those that most writers run away from. Ellen Hopkins was one of those authors who could write it perfectly and now up on that list is Erin Lee. I have read several of Erin Lee's books each touching on a different topic. Her Name was Sam takes place a year after Sam killed herself. Sam, as we learn, was transgender, she was born Samuel but always thought she should have been a girl and changed her name to Samantha aka Sam. Though she never showed it, she was bullied which later led to her suicide. Now one year on, Sam's family are still going through things and the motions. We read as Sam's mom Kelly takes her first visit in a Pride parade and Morgan's school experiences. Sam watches her family from a place known as the afterlife. As Sam believed in reincarnation, the author has put this in Her Name is Sam  and Sam is reincarnated. Though she is on the other side of the coin now as her best friend Ryan when she is now Willow is going through what she did. Can Sam as Willow save Ryan from making the same choices as she did in her previous life? Find out in this quick and powerful read by Erin Lee , that shows readers what a difference being accepted or rejected can make on someone's life.


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