Saturday, July 15, 2017

Review: Geek Actually - #Episode 4 - The Long Con - Cecilia Tan

Out of all the Geek Actually books, this one was a favorite of mine as it took place at a book convention. It also made me smile and remember the convention I had been too and places in the States that I visited. In The Long Con - Ellie, Aditi, and Michelle are off to Booklovers Con in New Orleans. Ellie with her cosplay outfits meets an author on the airplane. One thing leads to another, and they become fast friends and get chatting. Remember how Ellie needs a job otherwise her parents are going to kick her out of the home, well this may be her chance actually to get a job she loves and is passionate about. Aditi is here to do some networking and chat on a panel about her book. The thing though is she hates promoting herself and talking about her books - isn't that the publisher's job? Michelle is now separated from Ted and looking for a bit of spark, what happens when she is encouraged by Aditi to check out a BDSM workshop, will her experience encourage her to put herself back on the dating market? Taneesha heads with her brother to Diego's gaming/comic store hoping to see if he wants to take things to a new level as she's not used to the one asking. Is Diego just shy and will Taneesha for a change have to make the first move? Christina is still busy with being a PA to the star Vivi and remember how they had a sexual encounter, what happens when Vivi wants more and to show her off to the world. Is Christine ready to go public and let the world know about her sexual preferences? Find out in another awesome episode of Geek Actually, this time by Cecilia Tan. 

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