VBT# Back In Beantown - P. Marie and Elle Vanzandt

Back In Beantown A Boston Belles Novel

Review : Back in Beantown - Book #2 Boston Belles Series - Elle Vanzandt and P. Marie - 2017
Gia, Shelby, and Lexi are back in Book #2 Back in Beantown. For those who have read the first book will remember it ending in a cliffhanger with Lexi being attacked.  Book #2 starts with Frankie finding Lexi and Craig standing over her. Lexi ends up in the hospital, and we get to see more of Lexi's parents and their relationship with her. I hated Caroline Cole who is Lexi's mother, she is awful. I thought that this book would look further into Lexi's attack and the person who was sending her the text messages, but it glossed over that part and was about her recovery and interaction with her friends and family. Shelby is headed home to her family's ranch in Montana for the break but will get a nice surprise visit from her friends, Gia's siblings and her boss Christian. I thought that Shelby and Christian might have something going on, but it seems he has his eyes set on another one of the Lansing sisters. Regarding relationship, Gia might have finally met her match with Colin McGrath - son of McGrath Constructions and Frankie's new business partner.  If you are looking for a good solid friendship novel and a YA/NA contemporary romance crossover, then Back in Beantown is the read for you. I am looking forward now to Book #3 in the series, once it is released as still in the WIP pile.


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