Review: The Butterfly Project - Emma Scott

When Zelda was fourteen, she experienced the most tragic thing anyone could - her sister was kidnapped in front of her and eventually her body found. Now the killer is sitting on death row, and Zelda's way to get past it is by delving deep into her art and creating her graphic novels called Mother, May I? They are about a mother who goes back in time to kill child abductors etc. before they can harm anyone else's children. It's an amazing piece of work, and she has come to New York to sell it, everyone but one gives her a harsh rejection. The last wants revisions as it lacks heart. When she returns to the hostel she is living in; she discovers her roommate has stolen her stuff. Now with only a bit of cash and no supplies, it looks like Zelda will have to return to Las Vegas. The thing is, her room has been given to someone else so now she is homeless too. Enter Beckett, he meets Zelda one night at his job as a bus boy, and they click. One thing leads to another, and they end up rooming, but Becks has his demons as well.  He is currently on parole as years ago a man died, and he and his friends were responsible. Together can Zelda and Becks move forward as they are both stuck in the past by their demons? Can this graphic novel be the thing that they both need to forgive each other, learn to love again and move forward with their lives? 
Find out in The Butterfly Project by Emma Scott, a book that has graphic novel strips scattered throughout the pages and at the beginning of most chapters which I thought was an awesome touch to the story.



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