Saturday, July 15, 2017

Review: One Wild Crazy Zombie Night - Jessica Sorensen

I have to admit, I have been enjoying the Mystic Willow Bay Witches series, but now after reading Book #4, I am in the mood for it to hurry up and end. I want a conclusion, I want to find out how Evalee got to be where she is today and how she landed in Mystic Bay and I want to know who her parents are and what she is. The first three books were great, but I felt this particular one dragged on a bit too much, and now I am at the point for a finishing. Unfortunately, though I had a look at Goodreads and couldn't find a Book #5 mentioned as of yet. In this book, Evalee's sister but not is now a Zombie, and all she wants is Brains, and Evalee's brains are the specialty as her master has ordered her to eat them. However, Evalee has Max on her side which helps where he can. One of Evalee's closest friends has betrayed her but which one and OMFG I am so over this Hunter/ Evalee love relationship that they have going on. Either one needs to man up and be like look I love you, so stop tiptoeing around the idea. I did enjoy the book overall, but at points, I felt like I was over it all and wanted to give all the characters a good shake-up and be like stop hiding and tell the freaking truth about who you are, what's happening and your part in the whole Evalee saga.  Here's hoping in the next few months or so, that we get a conclusion to the Mystic Willow Bay Witches series.


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