Review: The Glass Mermaid - Poppy Lawless

Kate is the last mermaid of her kind on Lake Eerie due to a disease that wiped out her kind 100 of years ago. Kate did what she could and burnt her kind and buried them. What happens now when a group of archaeologists finds the burnt remains and the artifacts of her time?  Cooper is back in Lake Eerie and living in his house that once belonged to his Grandmother. He only has a few months to live as he is dying as is Kate who knows that the last tear she sheds will be the end of her life as a mermaid. What happens though when sparks fly between Kate and Cooper and neither are interested in a relationship as they both have a short time left on this planet? Of course, Mermaids have healing powers - will Kate use her last tear to heal Cooper or will he want to die if he can't have a life without Kate?  The Glass Mermaid was a quick read and a book that ended with an HEA and was a clean romance read. The Glass Mermaid is the perfect read for those who love romance stories, true love and mermaids.



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