Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Review: Unexpectedly Royal - Jennifer Domenico

Unexpectedly Royal

Review: Unexpectedly Royal - Jennifer Domenico - February 2016
One of my favorite movies and themes is the Cinderella tale when a normal girl meets a handsome prince, and they go off to live HEA eventually despite all the obstacles thrown in their ways. So when I saw Unexpectedly Royal by Jennifer Domenico, I knew I had to read it and I loved it. Delaney and her best friend Fallyn start the new year off with a couple of resolutions each. Fallyn's is to cut down on saying the F-word and Delaney's is to learn how to cook and thanks to Fallyn, she has been enrolled in a few lessons. Their other resolution is to find love and a genuine guy as well. Though neither realized that this time the following year, they would be in the arms of Princes. Delaney starts her cooking class, and her partner is a pretentious guy named Lathan. The pair eventually clicks and one thing leads to another and Delaney is wooed by Lathan. Turns out though he is escaping his life for now as he shamed his father - the King. Lathan is in fact heir to the throne of Havendon and assumed to take the role of King if something happens to his father, though this is years away. Unfortunately though just as he starts to settle and get deeper into love with Delaney, he is called back to Havendon. Can he prove to his father that he loves Delaney and she would make a good Princess/Queen since it is normally frowned upon to marry someone who is not Havendon born and bred? Can Delaney learn to become one of the Royal family in a country where it's traditions and customs are so far removed to what she is used to in America?  Find out in this amazing Modern Cinderella story - Unexpectedly Royal by Jennifer Domenico, a book that fans of the movie The Prince and Me will love as every girl despite their denial have thought once or twice in their lives what it would be like to marry a prince of their own.

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