Tuesday, July 25, 2017

VBT# Second Snowfall - Sarah Fischer

I have to admit when I saw this book, I was excited as I love college based novels, and I normally enjoy them, but with this particular book, I felt myself getting frustrated with the characters. They all made me want to shake them and go wake up and get over yourselves as they all judged one another and it's like seriously; you are the ones doing the judging - come on - take a long look at yourself. We have Violet whose ex I guess is now in jail as he stalked and assaulted her in Book #1. We have her now-boyfriend who is a Professor of English Lit. So Violet is in a teacher/student relationship. Jason who is their best guy friend who is currently dating a girl named Janice but he doesn't really love her but is too much of a wimp to break up with her and Annabel who is head over heels for Jason and soaking up the attention he gives her, but then she doesn't want to come out and ask Jason if he has feelings for her as she is worried Janice will label her as a homewrecker. Then lastly we have Kingsley, the newcomer and he captures Annabelle's attention, and they start dating but seriously what a freaking ego this guy has, and if he doesn't scream shady then I'm the Queen of England, yet Annabelle makes an excuse after excuse for him.  Second Snowfall is a book filled with angst, drama, and secrets. If you are looking for a drama filled angst book, then Second Snowfall by Sarah Fischer is the college read for you.


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