Review: Wrong Number, Right Guy - Elle Casey

Something that I love is the whole idea of an accidental texting, and then it turns into something else. I guess because I've personally been on the end of it when I was in high school and the guy ended up becoming a friend and my date to my 7th form school ball. In Wrong Number, Right Guy by Elle Casey it had a few of my favorite things from accidental texting to humor as this book had a few LOL moments to being set in New Orleans, and this gave me memories of the few days I recently stayed in New Orleans. Don't you love it when books spark memories of places you have been before, I know I do?  May Wexler gets a text from an unknown number and assumes that it's her sister texting, the text leads her right into the heart of a biker bar. One thing leads to another and May is being chased, pulled by a man with a hairy beard and being shot at. Eventually, she discovers that the person texting her was the owner of a Security firm called The Bourbon Street Boys.  Now along with her purse dog Felix, May must stay and eventually train with the guys to keep safe as Ozzie's accidental texting has painted a target on her back. Will May join The Bourbon Street Boys as she gets to know them all a bit better or will the bad guys get to her before the good ones can? The other thing, of course, is the romance factor, and Ozzie was sizzling. Wrong Number, Right Guy was a great first book in the series, and I look forward to reading the rest of The Bourbon Street Boys by Elle Casey.


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