Review: Seducing Lola - Jessica Prince

Seducing Lola

Review: Seducing Lola - Jessica Prince - July 2017

As soon as I saw that Jessica Prince had a new release out, I knew I just had to get my clean paws onto it as I love her books. I always find the characters relatable and her books just so much fun. I have to admit I was a tad confused at first as the male main character's surname is Lockhart and my mind kept wanting to wander back and think of the Locklaine family. In Seducing Lola, we meet Lola and her two best friends who are radio talk show hosts on a Dating advice show owned by the Lockharts. One of the segments is about playing a prank on an unsuspecting cheater and getting to admit on live air that they are cheating scum. What will happen though when one of their calls backfire and turns out that the guy "Gray" is, in fact, their big boss's son and the female that caused the hassle is an unstable stalker. This leads to an investigation and turns out that Gray is none other than Grayson Lockhart aka Mr. Coffee, the guy who flirted with Lola in the coffee line.  One thing leads to another, and they come up with an arrangement that Lola must accompany and be Grayson's arm candy as her way of apologizing and keeping her job at the same time. What will happen though when they both start to develop strong feelings for one another ? Especially since Lola has sworn off dating as all her relationships are doomed to fail early on due to past bad experiences. I enjoyed this book as there were quite a few LOL moments and if you are like me and love a hard-case Nana chucked in the book - think Grandma Mazur then you will not be disappointed as Grayson's Nana hits the spot with plenty of witty and funny moments.  Seducing Lola was another great romantic comedy from Jessica Prince and fans of her previous books would thoroughly enjoy the chemistry between Grayson and Lola.



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