Review: Don't Talk, I Love You - Shannon McCrimmon

Don't Talk, I Love You

Review: Don't Talk, I Love You - Shannon McCrimmon - June 2017

If you are looking for a YA/NA crossover but a clean version, then this is the read for you as you will fall in love with the characters and the story as I did. In this book, we meet Hadley who has just graduated and got her first job working for a PR Firm. Currently, though it's time to move out of the home and she answers a strange ad on Craiglist. Three Monks who are taking a vow of silence are looking for a roommate to make sure they all commit to their vow. They can, however, communicate via text or email or any written communication. Once Hadley arrives, she is taken by the three Monks Auggie, Sherman, and Denny. Though as we can see from the beginning and more so down the track in the story, it is Denny who has captured her heart also. Without giving too much away and the ending, which by the way was perfect and shows us that Karma does exist and if you are a mean spirited person, whatever you do will come back and bite you on the bottom. The other thing I loved is that the characters had a nerdy feel to them which I can relate too. This I expected as after reading Shannon's previous stories, I have found myself always being able to relate to the main female character or a minor character in the story.  If you are looking for a sweet romance that will have you intrigued from the moment Hadley first sees the personal ad, then check out Shannon McCrimmon's "Don't Talk, I Love You" today.


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