Saturday, July 28, 2018

Review: Sweetened Suffering - Charity B.

Sweetened Suffering (Sweet Treats #2)

Review: Sweetened Suffering - Book #2 Sweet Treats Series - Charity B - April 2018
This series to give you a heads up, even though the cover and the series title makes you think that it is candy-coated sweetness which is similar to the title of the first book it is anything but. This series is edgy, darker than dark and gritty. In the second book, Tavin has left Lex and living with Sasha as she is trying to protect him from Logan. We learn that Logan is Logan James and is a billionaire and we delve back into the beginning of how Tavin and Toben became Logan's property to do with whatever he wanted. This reminded me of K.Webster's dark fiction books as this may trigger heavy emotions from readers as Tavin was sold into child prostitution, drugged and put in a cage and then branded with what she calls her "logo." Can Lex and Sasha help Tavin become free once and for all? Or will getting her free cause them to have to sacrifice things in their own lives, e.g., Sasha and her fiance Drew? This series shows readers the length that true love will go to save the ones you love from danger and ever being hurt.  I am now looking forward to reading Book #3 in the series and OMFG the ending of this book and naughty Toben - this part made me mad. If you are in the mood for some darkness in your reading life, then Charity B.'s Sweet Treats is the series for you.

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