Review: Killer Within - S.E Green

Killer Within (Killer Instinct, #2)

Review: Killer Within - Book #2 Killer Instinct Series - S.E Green - May 2015
I have had this book sitting on my kindle for a while as I fell in love with the first book as it's like Dexter for the teen audience and with a female lead. At the end of the first book, we read as Lane killed the serial killer known as the Decapitator aka her mum. Of course, the rest of the world, think that her mum - the FBI agent was the last victim. Since that night, Lane has felt like she is losing her touch as she hasn't been able to kill anyone as when she gets close, she panics and freezes. The love of killing has disappeared. She is about to see that her identity as the Masked Saviour isn't going to die down anytime soon as she has a copycat and now a fan site dedicated to her killings. Can Lane find out who is her copycat without giving her true identity away and we also discover that her Mum was hiding a few secrets of her own including a possible family relative who loves to kill just as much as she did? I did feel a tad let down with the ending of this book and hoped for a bit more but overall Killer Within was a good YA mystery, that readers do need to read Book #1 to understand the full picture of the series Killer Instinct.


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