Review: The Hanging Girl - Eileen Cook

The Hanging Girl

Review: The Hanging Girl - Eileen Cook - October 2017

This book I have to admit as I was reading it, I had this overwhelming sense of Deja Vu. It's like I don't think I have read it as I had no record of it written down but the whole plot sounded so familiar right down to the fruit store featured later in the book. Skye aka Candi Thorn comes from a family who is supposed psychics, but for Skye, she has never believed or put much stock in that. However, for money, she has done fake readings, and Skye can read others well - a bit like The Mentalist character. When Skye finds her cashflow short, she reluctantly agrees to help "Pluto" with a kidnapping prank. What will happen though when the abduction goes haywire, and someone ends up dead? Skye's job was to feed information like psychic visions to the police. As the police keep searching, can Skye keep up her facade? What happens though when her mother catches on and sees this an opportunity to exploit their so-called psychic abilities? Will Skye come clean when the truth is revealed or will someone make sure she keeps her mouth shut? What I liked about this book, was that their was a snippet in which the case featured in Without Malice by Eileen Cook showed up in The Hanging Girl when talking about Italy. If you are on the lookout for a good YA mystery, then check out The Hanging Girl by Eileen Cook today.


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